【July Exhibits】

Yingqing (Qingbai) 

“Yingqing”(Qingbai) box and cover

D:8.6cm H:4.4cm

2018.2.7 The Value | SENSHUTEY was introduced at Art Insider.
2018.2.26 The Value | SENSHUTEY was introduced at Art Insider.

SENSHUTEY is specialized in Chinese works of art and variety of antique objects from different cultures and the times. Although the gallery is one of the smallest in the world, selecting art works of finest quality form the world, we pass down them to next generation. 



Chiaki Oshima joined Nantenshi Gallery, assigned to the Antiquity Department of the gallery.

The Nantenshi Gallery Antiquity Department became independent as Kunryu-do.

The advisor of Kunryu-do, Matsushige Hirota (Fukkosai), who retired from Kochukyo,

made a great influence on Oshima.

Oshima acquired her expertise during the service at Kunryu-do for 25 years under Yasuo Jintsu.


Chiaki Oshima determines to be independent and establishes her own gallery.


Holds exhibition for SENSHUTEY's 10th anniversary.


Kenji Inoue joins SENSHUTEY


Holds exhibition for SENSHUTEY's 20th anniversary.


Kenji Inoue becomes representative of SENSHUTEY.


Holds exhibition for The Footprint of Buddhism

"A Special Exhibition of Mural from Khotan"

The Collection of Chinese Art
The Collection of Chinese Art
-Special Exhibition 'Run through 10 years'-
The Collection of Chinese Art II
The Collection of Chinese Art II
-Special Exhibition 'Strolled for last ten years'-
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